Welcome Back

Tired of working from home? Come work at our lovely coworking space in South Park.

Vaccinated? Get 20% off our regular pricing!

Dedicated plan
Dedicated Desk — $500/month

30 days a month, at a private desk.
Includes 24/7 access.

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Shared plan
Shared Desk — $350/month

30 days a month, at a floating desk.
Includes 24/7 access.

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Flex plan
Flex Space — $175/month

10 days a month, at a floating desk.
Includes 9-to-5 access.

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We designed Ivy Street to be an amazing place to work.

Awesome WiFi

Tired of bad internet at home? We’ve got a super fast and reliable network. And getting online is quick and easy.

Full Kitchen

Bringing your lunch? Make use of our fridge, microwave, dishwasher, toaster, and water dispenser.

Print/Copy Station

Wanna get your print on? We’ve got you covered! Awesome printer. Extra paper. Stapler. Hole puncher. Check!

Phone Booths

Need privacy? Take a call in one of our private phone booths. They even have AC and power outlets.

No distractions

Imagine working from home... without the home. No dogs. No kids. No distractions. Just you and your work.

Conference Room

You can use our conference room for personal calls and virtual meetings. (No regular meetings for now).

Easy Parking

Tired of paying for parking and walking blocks to the office? Park for free and find a spot in seconds at Ivy Street.


We’ve got cold brew on tap and a Nespresso machine. Plus, we have awesome coffee shops nearby.

Outdoor Courtyard

Need a break? Grab a seat in our lovely, shaded outdoor space with couches and tables where you can work.

Mail Services

Do you need to receive mail or packages at our address? We offer mail delivery for all dedicated and shared plans.

Air Conditioning

Stay nice and cool while you work at Ivy Street, especially during those summer months when it gets hot in San Diego.

Secure Lockers

If you need a place to store your laptop or purse while you work, we’ve got you covered with our secure lockers.

Charge Away

We’ve got power outlets everywhere, so it’s always easy to charge up your laptop or phone while you work.

Walking Friendly

Everything you need is nearby. We’re just a short walk from coffee shops, lunch spots, and even a Target.


No strangers allowed! Come work with an awesome group of people who live in South Park and nearby neighborhoods.

Your Safe Space

We upgraded Ivy Street to make it safer during the pandemic.

Improved ventilation

To improve air quality at Ivy Street, we've tweaked our HVAC system to increase hourly circulation, filtration, and outside air intake.

Members only

For extra safety, we’ve restricted our space to members only. No drop-ins or guest visits for now.

Masks encouraged

To keep everyone safe, we require masks for anyone who hasn't been vaccinated yet. But masks are optional if vaccinated.

Hands free

We use no-touch soap dispensers, trash cans, and recyling bins in our bathroom and kitchen.

No colds allowed

All coworkers are asked to avoid entering the space if they have a fever or feel sick in any other way.

Frequent cleaning

We clean common areas at Ivy Street every day, with more detailed cleaning on weekends.

Come Visit Us

We’re located at 2986 Ivy Street, on the corner on 30th and Ivy, right in the heart of South Park.